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How to decide in 15 minutes if a property is worth investing?

29 May 2018 | Saba Elahii

The fact that you have to decide whether you want to spend your lifetime saving on a property or not, with only 15 minutes of inspection, is scary. Here's some tips to get you ready to make the most of each inspection and look for what really matters in a property.
Don't listen to anyone who says the best homes were only built in a certain timeframe. There were good quality houses built in every era and well bad ones too.

The Land

First and most important is to look at the land where building is built on. If you're deciding between two or more similar buildings, picking the one with bigger land size is a no brainer. After all, buildings eventually deteriorate while the land gets more and more valuable.

Building structure and foundation

Building Structure

New or stablished, you have to make sure the structure is well-built. Considering all the different parts that a house is consists of, there's an impressive number of things that can go wrong!
Cracks: Always look for cracks, but know the difference between surface cracks and deep and developing ones. Usually the ones going from top to bottom are bad.
Skeleton: Is no joke! If you see anything bad on that, leave now. Use this quick guide to identify house foundation problems. Fixing skeleton costs a new building, so no matter how beautiful the house is, a rotten roof or a failing foundation is a big no.

Wires, pipes, heating and cooling

Look and the material and age. They can always be replaced but depending on the cost could be significant. Make sure the wiring is standard. For that, it's better to hire professional building inspectors.

Building moisture issues

Moisture issues

Look for moist, specially in rooms with no windows and corners. If you smell damp or see stains (usually black or brown), that's not the right house to buy, or rent, or even stay in for any longer!

Don't get distracted by the ornaments and furniture; In a good or a bad way.
Nice curtains don't make up for a cracked wall, and ugly wallpapers on a good wall can always be replaced. You can get the house clean and even change the entire kitchen and bathroom. At the end of the day, it's all about the costs and benefits and if they add up. You should come out of an inspection with a list of costs, and then work it out against what's the value of the house to you. A building inspection report is a professionally created version of that list which helps you decide what needs minor fixing and what's alarming.